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Study in Argentina - Overview

No matter what your subject of interest is, this positions Argentina both geographically and academically as a lively country to study abroad.
Imagine walking along turn-of-the century architecture, sidewalk cafes, tree-lined boulevards and lively reggae music. If this describes your surroundings, you've arrived in Argentina's capital city, Buenos Aires. Whether you wish to explore the indigenous or colonial, the modern or the post-modern, the metropolitan or rural, you'll find it in the aptly named "Pearl" of South America. Home to a third of the country's 32 million denizens, Buenos Aires offers many diversions from schoolwork. You can have relaxing conversations over coffee, or kick up your heels with tango, hip-hop or reggae. You can play polo, rugby or tennis. Whatever your cup of tea (or mate), you'll never become bored as a student-tourist.
Please check details about if according your country you need visa or not. Citizens from some countries do not need visa if they enter as tourist. But students in programs that exceed 90 days will also be required to obtain their student visas.
Thanks Argentina Immigration Support ( for this information.
If you need support for your Student Visa, Home-Finding, School-Finding, Job-Finding... they are ready to assist you.
Argentina is closer than ever!

Some initial Tips!

 Why foreign people Live, Work or Study in Argentina??
Buenos Aires is one of the most interesting cities in Latin America if you love the arts, architecture, food and if you love going out at night. There are many people who intend to visit Buenos Aires for a few weeks and end up staying much longer; sometimes months or even years.
Bars, clubs, restaurants, cinemas, galleries, museums, parks… Buenos Aires has it all and a huge crowd of cool, interesting people to match.
Job opportunities with cash in hand for English speaking travelers exist all over the place and Craigslist Buenos Aires ( ) is a great place to keep your eye out for something if you need a little extra cash (or beer money!)
Rent is high, so it is best to share and rent a room in a house with other people, but the good news is that plenty of opportunities abound. People are always coming a going in Buenos Aires and therefore there will always be someone looking to give you a place to stay.
Breathtaking Landscapes
If you want to see breathtaking landscapes, visit Argentina. Salta is famous for its beautiful canyons, icebergs and snow scenes in Ushuaia are difficult to match anywhere else in the world, the vineyards in Mendoza are a cyclist’s heaven and Iguazú is a tropical rainforest paradise.
Few countries in the world can offer the landscape variety that Argentina offers. There is something in this Latin American country for everyone.
Luxury Ski Holidays
Ski lover? Bariloche is one of the most luxurious ski resorts in the world and visited by many people just as much in the summer time for the sheer beauty of its mountain location as in the winter time during the heights of the Argentine ski season.
Learn Spanish
Even though Argentine Spanish (locally referred to as Castellano) is very particular, Argentina still remains a really popular destination for people who want to learn, improve, or practice their Spanish language skills.
The Argentine accent is very distinctive and the verbs in Argentina in the second person are conjugated slightly differently in the present tense. It is not as neutral as the Spanish spoken in parts of Perú or Bolivia, for example, but when in Argentina the Spanish language student benefits from being part of a really large community of Spanish language students and from being situated in a country thoroughly prepared for and well-versed in the needs of the foreign language student.
VOS Escuela is a really great language school (even though relatively small in size) and the cultural immersion programme that the school provides too is the perfect accompaniment.
Interesting Volunteer Programs and Internship Placements
Many people take the time to get involved in volunteer projects when in Buenos Aires too. Connecting Worlds ( is a reputable company that can help you out with everything you need to know in this area at any time.
Placements exist within anything from marketing and admin, to work on ranches across the country. Come to Argentina and you won’t want to leave.

Immigration Channel  
Even if you're not completely new to the Argentinean immigration system, knowing what you're supposed to do, try to get it well-done and get it done in time, can be difficult. The Argentinean government is constantly updating their immigration programs.
So be careful and check the latest information when you decide moving to Buenos Aires or other city in Argentina.
Another option is to request support from an immigration law firm. People form Argentina Immigration Support ( ) is a good option. They have immigration attorneys and professional staff ready to assist you with your immigration matter. A lot of experience and a friendly talk. They could also assist you family with house-finding, school-finding, and more specialized services. Argentina is closer with their support.

Finally, we think Argentina offers a great life…and it’s supposed to be lived!!

Mar de las Pampas: Summer hollidays...or a lovely weekend

Mar de las Pampas is a small town near Villa Gesell, and it is perfect for those who love going to the beach and being in peace. In this little town, you will find everything you need in order to rest and relax; plus any additional services you may need during your stay. Enormous beaches, the energetic sea, remarkable services, amazing woods and the right peace in order to renew your mind and soul at any time of the year.
It is one of the newest of the Atlantic coast, and possibly one of the greatest growth potential for tourism. From a judicial auction in April 1957, the land was divided into lots and the action of men began to transform what was a large area of dunes into the beautiful woods that have become Mar de las Pampas.
Under the shade of the trees began construction, mostly huts, usually built of wood and stone. Since a few years ago began to develop a commercial center, and year after year tourism has been growing.
Separated just by one street, the neighboring town of Las Gaviotas also offers good standard of accommodation at cheaper prices.

Getting Here and Around

The nearest long-distance bus station to Mar de las Pampas is in Villa Gesell, a crowded, unattractive resort town 6 km (4 mi) north of Mar de las Pampas. Taxis depart from an official stand in the Villa Gesell terminal and cost around 20 pesos to Mar de las Pampas. Local bus company El Ultimo Querandí also connects the two: their groaning, sand-filled buses leave Avenida 3 in Villa Gesell every hour on the half hour, and return from Mar de las Pampas's main square on the hour.
As Mar de las Pampas has no supermarket or bank (only an ATM), a car is useful for stays of more than a day or two. If you don't fancy the drive from Buenos Aires, you can rent a car in Pinamar or Villa Gesell, then continue along RN 11 until you reach the clearly labeled left-hand turnoff to Mar de las Pampas.

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A paradise: Villa la Angostura and Seven Lakes Road

Near the border of Chile lies the region of
Argentina known as Villa La Angostura, a land of deep, cold lakes, soaring mountains, vast forests and sprawling estancias. It is difficult to find a familiar place that can help describe Villa La Angostura. Villa La Angostura is free of the overuse and abuse that have made their marks on other great natural preserves of the world.
The miracle of Villa La Angostura against-allodds preservation can largely be attributed to the love of the land shared by the people who live on it, from the gauchos whose lives historically are intertwined with its cattle ranching to the land-owning families from South America, North America and Europe whose abiding sense of place holds the world at bay and time in check. It helps, of course, that Villa La Angostura and the region's gateway town of San Carlos de Bariloche are far from the madding crowd, even in this day of universal jet-accessibility. By car from Buenos Aires the trip is sixteen hours, and though planes jump the same distance in only a couple of hours, Villa La Angostura is still an out-of-the-way destination, not a convenient stop on the way to someplace else. This is not to say that no one makes the trip. The village is an increasingly popular resort, especially for good fishing, skiing, trekking and cool open spaces. As Villa La Angostura begins to change, attracting more outsiders with its skiing, hiking, fishing, it remains resolutely the same, a place so perfect in so many ways that it would seem a product of the imagination.

Seven Lakes Road

This journey starts in Villa La Angostura and gives you the opportunity to go over Lanín and Nahuel Huapi National Parks, visiting dream nooks and hidden beauties in each of the seven lakes you’ll find on the way over.
You leave Villa La Angostura taking Siete Lagos Route towards San Martín de los Andes (National Route 231) and you go across the bridge over Correntoso River.

Nahuel Huapi – Correntoso y Espejo
Near the village, the two first lakes appear, after Nahuel Huapi you will find Correntoso – ideal for salmon fishing- and Espejo.
After 7 km. you get to an intersection. You have to turn right (National Route 234), towards El Portezuelo and San Martín de los Andes. If you turn left, you arrive to Cardenal Samoré International Passage (ex Puyehue) where you can cross over to Chile.
At a short distance and after going through big coihue forests, you will find the entrance to Lake Espejo’s bathing resort and the north headwaters of Lake Correntoso where Ruca Malen Hotel can be seen.

Espejo Chico
After paasing the bridge, on the left-hand side you’ll find this lake. Excellent place for camping, it has fireplaces, tables and benches. Farther on there’s an intersection with provincial route 65 that leads to Villa Traful.
If you take Siete Lagos Route again, at the 130th km. you will find the park keeper’s house and an access road to Lake Traful’s north arm. It is a 2-kilometre narrow street that finishes on the lake’s coast where Pichi Traful River flows; this is an ideal place for camping. Going on along the wooded route, after crossing the bridge over the river, the road goes up in a steep slope.

Escondido Lake
Five kilometres further on you pass to the right of Escondido Lake. It is worthy to enjoy the place’s beauties.
Here the road enters the valleys of Lakes Villarino and Falkner.

Lakes Villarino and Falkner
Separated by a narrow isthmus, they are two of the most beautiful lakes in this trip. The road allows you to see Lake Villarino from height, and then you descend along the isthmus and go across the river with the same name. In this place you will find the Lago Villarino Hostelry, fishers’ place. From here and along 1 km. there are good possibilities to camp at the side of Lake Falkner. The road goes now across a big valley where, at the 141st km., on the left-hand side, the great Vulinanco waterfall is located. It is a highly recommended stop and there’s a parking lot.

Lanín National Park
Shortly after, you will find the entrance to Lanín National Park across a big log gateway which divides both National Parks. At the 149th km., Lake Hermoso’s big valley opens for the traveller’s eyes. There’s a Gendarmerie Post that controls the Cordillera’s passages between Traful and Hua Hum.

Hermoso Lake
From the gendarmerie post, along a two-kilometre road you arrive at Lake Hermoso’s coast, the most beautiful circuit: little and with its banks covered by jungle. You can camp there and the place has a purveyor services. There are also summer houses.

Machónico Lake
The road go on up to Machónico Lake, where the landscape is arid. Continuing towards San Martín de los Andes you slowly go up along Culebra Brook that runs along a narrow pass.
Lake Lácar – San Martín de los Andes
Further on, the road descends across the big Pil Pil Valley, which has been occupied for decades by mapuches aborigines. Very close to San Martín de los Andes, at the 171st km., there’s a deviation to Chapelco Ski Centre. A little further on, another deviation on the left-hand side takes you to Quila Quina summer village. And finally, arriving at your destination, on the left-hand side you can see Catritre beach, and you start going along the south Lake Lacar’s edge, up to San Martín de los Andes where you access taking Costanera Av.

Angostura Port
If we go along the boulevard we get to the traffic circle and in front of it we find National Parks’ building. Some meters from there you will find Angostura Port’s dock, over Mansa Bay and its beautiful beach from where lake excursions to Arrayanes Woods and other tours start.

Embassies in Argentina

List of Embassies in Argentina
Calle Juez Tedin
3036 (1425) Buenos Aires
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: +541148093574
Fax: + 541148152512

J.A.Pacheco de Melo 1922
C1126AAD Buenos Aires
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: (54 11) 4816-8710
Fax: (54 11) 4812-2803

Villanueva 1400
Buenos Aires C1426BMJ
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: (+54 11) 4779-3500
Fax: (+54 11) 4779 3585
Web Site:
Office Hours: 08:30 - 11:30 Monday – Friday

French 3671
1425 Buenos Aires
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: 0054-11-4807 9185; 4807 9186
Fax: 0054-11-4805.4016
Web Site:
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 9 - 12 PM

Cazadores 2166
CP 1428
Buenos Aires
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: (+54) (11) 478-893-94
Fax: (+54) (11) 478-823-22

Defensa 113 - 8° Piso, 1065
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: (54) (11) 433 100 66
Office Hours: Lunes a Viernes 8.00 - 13.00

Av. Corrientes 545
2do. Piso (1403)
City: Capital Federal
Phone: (54-11) 4394 1463
Fax: (54-11) 52171070
Web Site:
Office Hours: (Lunes a Viernes) de 10:00 a 15:00 hs

Cerrito 1350
CP: 1010ABB
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: (5411) 4515-2400
Fax: (5411) 4515-2401
Web Site:

Antonio de Sukre, 1568, 1428
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: (++54 1) 781-86-44, 786-62-73, 788-89-11

Tagle 2828
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: (54-11) 4805-3032
Web Site:
Office Hours: Monday-Thursday: 8:30-12:30, 13:30-17:30 Friday: 8:30-14:00

Costa Rica
Avenida Callao 1103,
Piso 9
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: (54 11) 4815 0072
Fax: (54 11) 4815 8159

Gorostiaga 2104,
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: (0054 1) 477 76409 or 477 80203
Fax: (0054 1) 477 79159
Office Hours: Monday

No. 1810 Virrey del Pino
Belgrano (1426), Capital Federal
Buenos Aires, Argentina
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: (5411) 4782-9049, 4782-9149, 4782-9089
Fax: (5411) 4786-7713

Czech Republic
Junín 1461
1113 Buenos Aires, Argentina
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: 0054 - 011- 4807 3107
Fax: 0054 - 011 -4807 3109
Web Site:

Avenida Leandro N. Alem 1074
Piso 9, 1001
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: (11) 43126901
Fax: (11) 43127857
Web Site:

Ave. Presidente Quintana 585
Noveno Piso (1129 C.F.)
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: 804 0073/74
Fax: 00 54 1 804 6408 804 0074

El Salvador
Calle Suipacha 1380
Capital Federal
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: 00 54 11 4325-0849 or 00 54 11 4325- 8588
Fax: 00 54 11 4314-7628

Avenida Santa Fe 846, 5to. piso
1059 Buenos Aires
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: (+54-11) 4312 0600
Fax: (+54-11) 4312 0670
Office Hours: from Monday to Thursday - from 9 am to 12

Calle Cerrito 1399
Buenos Aires 1010
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: (00 54 11) 4515-2930
Fax: (00 54 11) 45 15 29 66
Web Site:

Calle Villanueva 1055
Buenos Aires, Argentina
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: 005411 4778 2500
Fax: 005411 4778 2550

Arenales 1658
Cap. Federal 1061
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: (005411) 48114811 or 48110513 or 48110768 or 48111361 or 48111815
Fax: 48162600

Av. Figueroa Alcorta
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: 541-807-0211 or 541-802-5979
Fax: 541-802-3984

Avenida. Cordoba 950, 4th Floor
1054 Buenos Aires
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: 54+ 11 4393-4001/4156
Fax: 54+ 11 4393-4063
Web Site:
Office Hours: 9:00 - 17:30 Monday through Friday; Sat. and Sun. Closed)

Mariscal Ramón Castilla 2901
1425 Buenos Aires, Argentina
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: (54-11) 4807-2211, 4807-2956
Fax: (54-11) 4802-4448
Web Site:
Office Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday

Avenida del Libertador 1068
6th Floor C1112ABN Buenos Aires
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: (+54-11) 57870801
Fax: (+54 11) 57870802

Embassy Av.
De Mayo 701
Piso 10 Buenos Aires
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: 54-11-43382500
Fax: 54-11-43382555

Billinghurst 2577
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: 54 11 4802 0071
Fax: 54 11 4804 4914
Web Site:

Bouchard 547, P.17
(1106) Argentina
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: (54-11) 4318-8200
Fax: (54-11) 4318-8210
Web Site:

Villanueva 1040
(1426) Buenos Aires
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: (54-11) 4776-0504 or 4776-2553
Fax: (54-11) 4776-0604
Web Site:
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Castex 3461
1425 Buenos Aires
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: (+54) 11 4801 8154 / 7
Fax: (+54) 11 4802 0136
Office Hours: De Lunes a viernes de las 9:00 horas a las 15:00 horas

Edificio Porteno II
Olga Cossenttini 831, piso 3
(C1107BVA) Buenos Aires
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: (54-11) 4338-0050
Fax: (54-11) 4338-0060
Web Site:

New Zealand
Carlos Pelligrini 1427 5th Floor
Capital Federal CP1011
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: + 54 11 4328 0747
Fax: + 54 11 4328 0757
Office Hours: Monday (closed) -Tuesday - Thursday Friday 09.00 - 13.00 09.00 -12.00

Rosales 2674
(1636) Olivos
Prov. of Buenos Aires
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: (54-11) 4799-7139
Web Site:

Esmeralda 909, 3B
1007 Buenos Aires
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: + 54 11 4312 2204
Fax: + 54 11 4315 2831
Web Site:
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30 - 14:00

Mendoza 1821 Piso 8
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: + 54 1-4325121
Fax: + 54 1-7851041

Las Heras 2545
1425 Buenos Aires
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: (+54) (11) 4802-3826/4802-3432
Fax: (+54) (11) 4801-0657 or (+54) (11) 4804-0437

Quinteros 1386
Buenos Aires, Argentina
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: (5411) 4782-4752
Fax: (5411) 4788-9692
Web Site:
Email: /

Alejandro Maria de Aguado 2870
1425 Buenos Aires
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: (0 054)(11) 4802 96 81 - 4802 96 82
Fax: (0 054)(11) 4802 9683

Maipu 942 - 17 Piso
1340 Buenos Aires
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: (00 54 11) 4312 0187 - 4312 3524
Fax: (00 54 11) 4311 2586
Web Site:

Calle Arroyo 962-970
Buenos Aires 1007
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: (00) (54) (114) 3265888, (00) (54) (114) 3271584
Fax: (00) (54) (114) 3222630

South Africa Alvear 590 piso 8
(1058) Capital Federal
Buenos Aires
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: + 54 1 317 2900
Fax: + 54 1 317 2951

Guido 1760 - Buenos Aires
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: (11) 4811-0070
Fax: (11) 4811-0079
Web Site:

Tacuari 147, piso 6
1071 Buenos Aires
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: +54 (11) 43290800
Fax: +54 (11) 43421697
Web Site:
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 10 a.m. to 12 noon

Avenida Santa Fe 846, 10 piso
Apartado 76
Sucursal 69, Pza San Martín
C1059ABP Buenos Aires
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: (0054 11) 4311-6491
Fax: (0054 11) 4313-2998
Web Site:
Office Hours: 09.00-12.00

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office
Av. de Mayo 654, Piso 4
1084, Capital Federal
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: (002-54-11)52182600
Emergency tel: (002-54-9-11)56162947
Fax: (002-54-11)5218-2625

Vuelta de Obligado 1947-Piso 12
(C1428ADC) Capital Federal
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: (54-11) 4783- 6412 (54 11) 4780-0555
Fax: (54-11) 4782-1616
Office Hours: 08:30 - 12:30 and 14:00 - 16:30

Belgrano "R", c. Conde, 1763
(Subte Jose Hernandes, linea "D")
City: Buenos, Aires
Phone: (+54) 11-4552-0657 or 4552-5334
Fax: (54) 11-4552-6771
Web Site:
Office Hours: 09.00-13.00 and 15.00-18.00

United Kingdom
Dr. Luis Agote 2412
(C1425EOF) Buenos Aires
City: Buenos Aires
Phone: (54 11) 4808 2274
Web Site:

United States
Avda. Colombia 4300
(C1425GMN) Buenos Aires - Argentina
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: 54-11-5777-4533
Fax: 54-11-5777-4240
Web Site:
Office Hours: 08.45-17.45

Av. Las Heras 1907/P.15, 1127
Capital Federal
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: (00 54 11) 4807 3040
Fax: (005411) 4807 3050
Web Site:

Virrey Loreto 2035
Barrio Belgrano
1426 Buenos Aires
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: (+54) (11) 4788-4944
Fax: (+54) (11) 4784-4311
Office Hours: 09:00 - 18:00

Calle 11 de Septiembre 1442
C.P. 1426 Buenos Aires
City : Buenos Aires
Phone: (+54) 11 4783 1802/ 4783 1825
Fax: (+54) 11 4728 0078
Office Hours: 10.00-12.00 and 14.00-16.00